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Calling all Coatbridge foodies! Craving a delicious and convenient meal? Look no further than Village Takeaway, your one-stop shop for satisfying all your taste bud desires.
Whether you're yearning for the sizzling goodness of a freshly prepared kebab, the comforting warmth of classic fish and chips, or the melty satisfaction of a cheesy pizza, Village Takeaway has you covered. We don't stop there! Dive into our menu of juicy burgers, perfect for a casual bite, or explore the aromatic world of Indian cuisine with our selection of curries like Korma and fragrant Biryanis.
At Village Takeaway, we take pride in using only the freshest ingredients to create dishes bursting with authentic flavours. We believe in crafting a delightful dining experience for every customer, with every single bite.
Skip the hassle of cooking and cleaning! Village Takeaway offers both collection and delivery services. Fancy a quick pick-up on the go? We've got it. Want a relaxing night in with piping hot food delivered straight to your door? We've got that too!
Order online from Mealzo Website and get exclusive discount. Now you can browse menu, choose your favourites, and place your order with just a few clicks, all from the comfort of your couch.
For your ultimate convenience, Village Takeaway offers both collection and delivery services. Whether you're craving a quick bite on the go or a relaxed feast at home, we've got you covered.
Simply call us at 01236 874 594 to place your order.
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